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Who am I?

Kathryn Gesner

>> I love anything to do with textiles - I knit, sew, embroider and weave. I also have a growing collection of houseplants that I like to talk to and pet, since I don't have any animals (yet). The northeast is frozen half of the year, so surrounding myself with cozy fibers and vibrant greenery keeps me happy and warm.

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What motivates me as a designer?

>> I’ve always felt like I’m searching for something. This is perhaps best reflected by the wide range of places I’ve worked, from a quiet local library to a bustling French patisserie, at a rowdy summer day camp, for a saucy jewelry designer, in cozy knitting stores and at a national home décor brand.

After years of uncertainty, it finally dawned on me: I was always catering to someone else’s passions.

I like structure and guidelines, but I also like to have some creative wiggle room. I was unhappy and unchallenged; I want something that keeps me mentally engaged while also allowing my artistic side to shine.

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When did I realize I love design?

>> I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love beautiful things, but realizing I specifically wanted to work as a designer took a little bit longer. My cumulative job experiences showed me, often by way of wanting someone else’s job, that I craved more autonomy. Being around designers wasn’t enough - I wanted to have the privilege of being trusted to make those decisions myself.

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Where am I?

>> Most likely somewhere in the northeast - I am currently based out of Massachusetts, but I love to travel whenever possible.

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Why did UX design appeal to me?

>> I am a mish-mash of left and right-brained logic-loving nonsense. I excelled in English class, but both of my parents were scientists. I took AP Art for three years and earned my BFA, but have also very successfully held a (fairly boring) position in data entry, and keep an obsessive personal budget spreadsheet. I love the design process because it is visual beauty that is guided and informed by good, rational research. It is beautiful, it is logical, and it makes perfect sense to both sides of my brain.

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How do my experiences make me a better designer?

>> I’ve spent the past few years working at a home decor company, learning how to operate within a particular set of brand guidelines. This is what helped me realize that I love the branding process - not only operating within established style guides, but also being the one to help establish them. I enjoy helping people understand how to translate their product and personality into a tangible, beautiful experience.

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Would you like to work together?

>> Drop a line, I’d love to hear from you!

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