Every year, our friend group has a party with a giant bon fire. The first year was kicked off by one friend saying they had an old "yard couch" they wanted to burn, so that we could create our own satire on the world renowned Burning Man festival. For it's second annual celebration, the founder asked me to create a Burniture Man logo so we could all have t-shirts made to commemorate the event.

While traditional design methods typically require a desginer to start by sketching, I felt that since this design relied heavily on the text, it made more sense to start with the lettering to make sure it was conveying the appropriate mood. Additionally, given my personal level of familiarity and involvement with the event, I had an unusually thorough understanding of the branding persona. I then vetted the first draft through 4 people closely tied to the event to get their design input.

After receiving feedback on the initial font styles, I refined these down. I did not intend to have logo all be the same font, but I wanted a clearer idea of what people were looking for from the design. After receiving that first round of feedback, I took the fonts that were most popular and worked on different pairings to create a more dynamic design.

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